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Alessandro Lora was born in Valdagno (VI), land of yarns, among the green hills of the Agno valley, overlooked by the jagged peaks of the Pre-Alps. Since childhood his passion for music has been evident. After finishing his studies Alessandro began a career as a brilliant entrepreneur while in parallel he cultivated his passion for the “bel canto”, studying vocal technique in his spare time. Over the years he has an encounter with the internationally renowned tenor Gianfranco Cecchele, with whom he begins to set his singing path professionally. Immediately the great tenor became aware of Lora’s potential. From here on, other well-known masters followed until he met the soprano Antonella Pianezzola with whom he began a new course of study. Later she introduced him to tenor Paolo Barbacini and his twin brother Maurizio Barbacini, an acclaimed conductor, who to this day follows him in vocal improvement and musical training. Lora’s singing takes us back to the days of the great Enrico Caruso, and his high notes ring with the power and dark timbre of an heroic tenor.
A spontaneous, powerful voice and an innate ability to hold the highest notes for interminable seconds characterize the unique singing gift of tenor singer Lora. A title that has been earned by devoting years and years of practice and refinement to his own voice. A passion, that of Lora, that was born at an early age, when he listened to the exceptional voices of Pavarotti or Domingo in dad’s car. Since then, he has understood that he has an interest to which he intends to devote hisself body and soul. Like the great Caruso, he began his journey into the world of opera as an autodidact in which he was later encouraged by personalities such as Gianfranco Cecchele and he understood, step by step, that he was born to sing. His first successes in Italy are followed by several performances at an international level, performances that each time give him a whirlwind of emotions and that, above all, also move his listeners, transporting the audience to a dimension without place and without time: the music.
Maestro Alessandro Lora boasts numerous important collaborations including that with conductors Maurizio Barbacini and Diego Basso, two internationally renowned conductors. Different artists, but united by the same passion and desire to transcend physical boundaries to highlight the importance of emotions. The many years of multidisciplinary experience of the master conductors, ranging from opera arias to pop to symphonic rock, meet a personality like Lora’s who draws inspiration from the high notes of Pavarotti and Bonisolli and the elegance of Del Monaco and Maria Callas. The combination of the singing talents of these artists can only result in a performance with a high emotional content that bursts through the audience, creating a flow of emotions that involves both the audience and the singers. And it is this exchange of empathy between the two parties that contributes to making the performance even more compelling; all of which proves that dimensions such as those of music are felt at the level of the heart and emotions.

Like Caruso, Lora also started out as a self-taught singer, and the first song he was passionate about was indeed “Ridi Pagliaccio,” which decreed the great Neapolitan tenor’s success.
Like Caruso, Lora also interprets “Di quella Pira” with the chorus cut and setting the finale of the lyrical aria with a powerful and ringing high C in the chest.
Like the great Caruso, Lora also grasps ringing and powerful high notes that send the audience into ecstasy.
Lora was inspired by Enrico Caruso on the elegance of Neapolitan tailoring so dear to the great historic tenor.
Alessandro Lora, after purely technical work aimed at vocal improvement, his art finally appeared in its full glory.
His being able to sing everything of tenor boldness without any technical problems places him very close to Enrico Caruso’s vocalism.

The naturalness of his splendid high register excites me so much that I predict an extraordinary future for him!
The young tenor Alessandro Lora has a great voice, has studied diligently…with all this, it is not difficult to predict a bright future for him!!!
The wonder of a high register, to affirm that great emotions live in the tenor voice!!!

The Enrico Caruso Museum, in Lastra a Signa where the famous  Italian tenor Enrico Caruso lived his troubled love with Ada Giachetti, recently announced the patronage of the tenor Maestro Alessandro Lora on the occasion of the concert in New York, which will be held next August 19 in the famous stage of  Bryant Park of  Manhattan, where Alessandro will be accompanied by over 40 musicians of the New York City Opera.

This is an honour for Alessandro, a great admirer of the music of the famous Neapolitan tenor to whom he has always been inspired since his beginnings and of which he is considered, by many, the worthy heir who led the young tenor from Vicenza to sing in important stages around the world.

When Alessandro returns from the American tour, has plans to sing in the spectacular scenario of Villa Caruso in Lastra a Signa where emotion blends with history and passion for great music.

A museum of which the association Villa Caruso manages to maintain a beauty and charm of the past, and that with great dedication and love develop activities and socio-cultural initiatives of the highest level.

The Maria Callas Academy, which for years has celebrated and honoured the iconic opera diva, shows its support for the young tenor Alessandro Lora, who will pay homage to the famous soprano during his concert in New York next August 19.

On the occasion of this evening, which will see Lora perform on the famous stage of Bryant Park in New York, accompanied by the beautiful sounds of the orchestra of the NewYork City Opera, a special dedication will be addressed to the divine Callas, whose centenary is celebrated this year.

This will be only the first of numerous other events that Alessandro Lora, from an early age great fan of music and his wonderful and original voice, and the Maria Callas Academy intend to undertake together to create a solid collaboration in the memory and honor of the most important female voice of contemporary opera.