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Alessandro Lora has born in Valdagno (VI), land of yarns, in the green hills of the Agno valley, dominated by the jagged peaks of the Prealps. His passion for music is evident since he was a child. After completing his studies Alessandro begins a career as a brilliant entrepreneur while at the same time he cultivates his passion for bel canto, studying vocal technique in his spare time. Over the years he has met the
internationally renowned tenor Gianfranco Cecchele, with whom he begins to professionally set up his own
singing path. The great tenor immediately realizes Lora’s potential. From here other well-known masters
follow Lora, up to the meeting with the tenor Paolo Barbacini and his twin brother Maurizio Barbacini, acclaimed conductor, who to date follows him in vocal improvement and musical preparation. Lora‘s singing takes us back to the times of the great Enrico Caruso and his high notes sound with power and dark timbre of an heroic tenor.

“Di quella pira” In Caruso Style

Di Quella Pira from di opera"Il Trovatore" by Giuseppe Verdi

Alessandro Lora - directs il M° Maurizio Barbacini |Moranska Philarmonic Orchestra

Hommage à Caruso


Some similarities between Lora and Caruso


    • As Caruso also Lora started as self-taught and the first song that fascinated him was “Ridi Pagliaccio” which gave success to the great Neapolitan tenor.
    • As Caruso also Lora interprets “Di quel Pira”; with the chorus cut and setting the final of the aria with a powerful and ringing High C.
    • As Caruso also Lora grabs high-pitched with powerful treble, bringing the audience into ecstasy feeling.
    • Lora was inspired by Enrico Caruso on the elegance of Neapolitan tailoring so dear to the great historic





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